Thursday, 30 April 2015

People of Kenya

As you know, earlier this year I travelled to the beautiful continent of Africa to visit some of my relatives living in Mombasa, Kenya; every time I visit Mombasa I am always greeted by wonderfully hot weather and beautiful scenery, so I decided that while I was in Mombasa this year I would push myself into being more creative with the pictures I was taking and to produce a few mini projects, about my stay.

One of the projects consisted of waking up each morning before sunrise and capturing the sunrise, another was recording my family on our holiday and the other was recording the people that we encountered throughout our stay.

I feel very lucky to have met the people that I met in Kenya during this visit.

Let me start with one of the new faces that I encountered on my visit.

This is Nicholus, he is 27 years old, he is the 8th oldest child out of 12 children in his family. He is a security guard but has dreams of progressing to become a doctor.

Nicholus - 27 years old.


Mama Lucy

Mama Sharon


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Nixon - 24 years old.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

5 years ago...

It was 2010, I was on the final stretch to finishing my A levels. As part of my photography A level I was given the opportunity to create a blog, recording my thoughts, visions and influences on the project that I was working on during my photography exam.

Looking back at my old blog makes me realise how far I've come with my work. My photographic style has developed further and how my knowledge has lead me to the point I am at right now.

Anyway, If you want to give it a read, I've put the link here