Sunday, 25 January 2015

New Website

Over the last few weeks I've been developing my website using wix, playing around with different designs and a range of colours etc.

This is newest look of Jamil Teja photography, but I'm sure it will change over the next few weeks as I work with more clients and upload more work!

Until then, here is the link:

Please comment below with with constructive feedback!

Friday, 23 January 2015

I'm putting this one down to lack of planning...

For a few weeks now I've been wanting to try some new things with my photography, exploring new locations, experimenting with new lighting techniques and just improving my work and showcasing it to you all.

Well today I made a step forward in my plan, I've been planning to take a trip to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove; now when I say "planning" I mean it in the loosest term...

I google maps'd it, saw how far it was, saw there were buses going to and from the station etc but what I didn't think about was looking at the times of the buses, so when I arrived at the train station I was surprised to see the bus only runs every 2 hours!

Well being me and the energetic person that I am, I started to walk it, thinking that if I did eventually encounter the bus I'd just hop on and it would take me to the location. So I started walking, and kept walking for about 45mins, then I noticed the Sun start to set in the sky, it was getting lower and lower in the sky, I thought if I am going to keep walking, i'll probably get there after Sunset and there'll be no point in that.

So I turned back, and lucky I did, when I arrived back at the station the Sun was setting in the sky, creating such beautiful colours across the sky but being in the countryside I had no idea how much the temperature drops after the Sun goes down, yeah in Poole, you feel it a little bit, but where I was at the time was ridiculous, it was so bad and so sudden, I started coughing really badly (I have asthma by the way!)

Anyway, the trip was not a complete failure, I learned a few things so that my next trip will hopefully be a success.
  1. Make sure to research timings, train timings, bus timings, and most importantly Sunset timings!
  2. I think the next time I attempt to make this trip I will definitely give myself more time, I really thought it would be a simple trip, just up the road and I'd be there but I guess that goes back into planning and looking at timings
  3. I'm also going to pack light next time, today I brought with me an assortment of lenses, unsure of which lens would be most fitting for the scene, next time - 1 camera and one lens.
  4. and finally... Always Always Always bring some spare cash with you, you never know when you'll be lost in the middle of nowhere and need to hail a cab!
And here is a picture of the Sunset I captured today - I know it's not amazing but it's a start towards something that will be!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

What to wear for your Engagement Portrait Session

Now I'm not a fashion expert, (just ask my girlfriend) but I'm going to give you my tips on what to wear for your engagement portrait session.

Firstly we need to address the basics, you want to wear something that you feel comfortable wearing and also something that will help convey your personality through the images we produce.

I want you to be yourself and the best way to do this is for you to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, you don't need to put on a show for anyone!

The second thing I'd like you to consider is the season; the time of year, even the day in question, if it's snowing please don't arrive in shorts and a t-shirt, that will just look ridiculous and we'll probably have to cut the session short due to frost bite!

If it's a beautiful sunny day, please bring shorts, a nice summery dress and casual shirts, if that's what you feel comfortable in then we’ll make it work.

Thirdly, Dress to impress, I like my couples to bring at least 2 outfits for their engagement sessions.
One casual outfit that you can arrive wearing and get comfortable in front of the camera in, then when you're relaxed you can change into your smarter attire for some more formal portrait ideas.

Number 4: Bring an item of clothing that means something to you; If there’s a special jumper you always wear when he's away, or that special shirt she bought you for your birthday, any items you have some emotional attachment to then please bring it along.

They'll be appreciated by both of you and we’ll be able to incorporate these items into your portrait session and they will be saved in your memories for years to come.

Number 5: Spoil yourselves a little
This is your first chance for professional pictures of the both of you together as an engaged couple, it's always a nice touch to get your hair and make up done professionally too!

And if he needs a trim, remember it’s as much his celebration as it is yours!

Number 6: Co-ordinate with each other, it’s going to look really weird if he’s wearing a tux and you’re wearing your summer dress, obviously you shouldn’t dress exactly the same either.

It’s often when a couple is wearing similar/matching colours it helps to depict the special connection between the two of you.

Number 7: Use your location - make it relevant
Similar to number 6 – coordinate with your location as well, when deciding on your outfits think about the style and colours of your location.
I will be able to help you out prior to the day – I’m just a phone call away!

Number 8: Layers and Accessories

Giving you choice as well as flexibility – if you’re deciding on an outfit with bare arms that is great, but think about a cardigan or a wrap that matches with your outfit for when it gets a little colder. 

Number 9: Don't wear big logos or clothing with writing on - loud clothes can often detract attention from yourselves and we want to avoid this as much as possible.

Number 10: Remember to launder and iron your clothes - Even photoshop won't get rid of those wrinkles.

Bonus - Tips
1)   Don't get a spray on tan right before your session
2)   Get your nails done too!
3)   Bring Props - I love including items that as especially thing that are meaningful to you, your pets, an instrument you play, an item from your hobby, or something significant to your story, how you met or how they proposed

Oh Yeah, talking about things we want you to bring,
YOUR RING and the box your ring came in.

Jamil Teja

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

For My Girlfriend

As you know, since around the last quarter of 2014 I've collaborating with a few different businesses and photographing their products for their websites/marketing material. 

After finishing up for the year, I decided experiment with some pictures of a present I bought for my girlfriend.

I played around for about 45 minutes with different lighting set ups and finally produced this image.

I used the Canon 60mm Macro at f2.8, with a flashgun with a shoot-through-umbrella to the right of the camera. 

The thing I'm most pleased with in this image is the bokeh (the out of focus circular shapes) and the extremely shallow depth of field in addition to the sharpness and the lack of shadow on the black material.

I'll be uploading some more of my work from the previous weeks so stay tuned for more!!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

They say never work with children of animals...

Well over the last 2 weeks I've done both!

Let me give you a little backstory, I've been working with a Bournemouth based business - Beauxoxo, they produce and sell hair accessories and distribute all over the world, and last week Beauxoxo and el-Rhey another Bournemouth business collaborated together for a fashion cat walk at the Parkstone Yacht Club. 

el-Rhey were looking for a photographer for the fashion show and then some follow up photoshoots shoots to promote their Colour Me Wellies and their new colour changing umbrellas which will be released early next year!

The fashion catwalk was a great event, the kids pranced up and down the catwalk showing off their wonderful colourful wellies and their unbelievable colour changing umbrellas.

Long story short, el-Rhey loved the pictures and we began working together on two further projects, one was a fashion photoshoot and the other a photoshoot featuring the boots and the cutest little 5 week old kitten.

Here are a few pictures from the photoshoot with the kitten!

This is Jessie, she is a 5 week old black and white kitten, sadly she was orphaned weeks ago but luckily she was brought in to the Margaret Green Animal Sanctuary in Wareham.

The girls at Margaret Green were very accommodating and helpful which made our job very easy.