Thursday, 1 January 2015

They say never work with children of animals...

Well over the last 2 weeks I've done both!

Let me give you a little backstory, I've been working with a Bournemouth based business - Beauxoxo, they produce and sell hair accessories and distribute all over the world, and last week Beauxoxo and el-Rhey another Bournemouth business collaborated together for a fashion cat walk at the Parkstone Yacht Club. 

el-Rhey were looking for a photographer for the fashion show and then some follow up photoshoots shoots to promote their Colour Me Wellies and their new colour changing umbrellas which will be released early next year!

The fashion catwalk was a great event, the kids pranced up and down the catwalk showing off their wonderful colourful wellies and their unbelievable colour changing umbrellas.

Long story short, el-Rhey loved the pictures and we began working together on two further projects, one was a fashion photoshoot and the other a photoshoot featuring the boots and the cutest little 5 week old kitten.

Here are a few pictures from the photoshoot with the kitten!

This is Jessie, she is a 5 week old black and white kitten, sadly she was orphaned weeks ago but luckily she was brought in to the Margaret Green Animal Sanctuary in Wareham.

The girls at Margaret Green were very accommodating and helpful which made our job very easy.

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