Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A Short Run - A Jamil Teja Short

Good Evening
I'm writing this blog on Monday evening. I've had a busy day trying to fulfill some of my new years resolutions. As I wrote in my previous blog which you can find Here, when we started the year I wanted to push my creativity in addition to getting more active.

And that's exactly what I am doing.
Earlier today I signed up for the Sports Relief 6 mile run in Bournemouth, I'm trying to raise £50 for the cause, which will go towards helping people all over the world.

If you would like to sponsor me for the run you can find my donating page here.
Any donations will be greatly appreciated!

In preparation for the 6 mile run which will be taking place in March, I've decided to start going for morning runs, running down to the beach and back which is approximately just over 3 miles for the return journey. As it is still winter and really cold outside I'm limited to how far I can run but I'm sure once Spring comes along I'm sure I will up to running 6 miles.

As part of my journey towards the 6 mile run I've decided to create some short videos about my morning runs. 
Here is my newest video,


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Sunset in Poole Harbour

For the last few weeks now, I've been inspired to push myself into making more videos. Everyday this week we've had beautiful sunsets in Poole Harbour and everyday I've been too busy to go down and capture some picture.

Today I said to myself I was going to do it!

I did some research and saw that Sunset was estimated at 16:17, thanks BBC Weather! At 15:30 I hopped on my bike and cycled down to the harbour to find a good spot; I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted to capture. I've been fascinated with time lapses videos lately, probably because I've been watching too many of Casey Neistat's vlogs, seriously I'm addicted!

I decided to visit one of my favourite spots in the harbour where I know there is a good place for interesting compositions; as I was riding down I noticed the clouds were starting to group on the horizon but due to the strong winds they were moving quite fast in the sky, I thought this would make a great time lapse video so I quickly set up my tripod and camera and started recording.
I was there for about half an hour capturing a few pictures and some video, I wish I had more than 1 camera and tripod set up because there were so many beautiful colours in the sky I wish I could have captured them by my main camera was busy recording the time lapse.

As time went by the temperature started to decrease mixed with the strong winds it was horrible but I struggled on because I had come down with the intention of getting some pictures and video and if I was going to suffer for my art it had to be worth it!

Here is the finished time lapse video from Sunset!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy New Year + My New Years Resolutions!

2Firstly I want to wish you and your family and friends a wonderful New Year, I hope this year brings you Good Health, Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, Strength, Courage and Inspiration!

We are here, in the year... 

It's the start of a New Year, it's the time for new beginnings and bidding old things goodbye!

I wanted to write up my first blogpost of the new year, to share my resolutions and goals for the year a head. As part of my new years resolution of creating and sharing more, I thought it was fitting that this should be included in my first blogpost of the year.

My Resolutions for the new year

My first resolution of the new year is to create more content, that means more pictures, more video and more blogposts for you to read!

My second and third resolutions are to get more organised and improve my time management. Organisation hasn't been one of my strong points but with time and practice I have improved but there is still plenty of room for improvement! My time management has improved over the years too but I would like to use my time more productively.

My fourth resolution is linked to my first three, and this is to use the computer less, yes I use a computer for my work but hopefully by using my time more productively I can minimise my time on the computer.

My Goals for the year ahead
1) To pass my driving test
2) Travel More
3) Generally be healthier by eating healthier and being more active.
4) I wanted to save the most important for last and that is spending time with the people I love. 
Life has taught me many important things but one of the most important is that memories are made awesome by the company you share you them with!

I want to end this blog post by sharing a little sneak peek of a mini-project that
I will be working on over the next few weeks!

and finally, tell me about your new years resolutions, and what are your goals for the year a head?
Leave a comment down below!

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming very soon, 
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Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!!

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful New Year!!
I hope this year brings you good health, prosperity, strength, courage and inspiration!