Wednesday, 14 January 2015

For My Girlfriend

As you know, since around the last quarter of 2014 I've collaborating with a few different businesses and photographing their products for their websites/marketing material. 

After finishing up for the year, I decided experiment with some pictures of a present I bought for my girlfriend.

I played around for about 45 minutes with different lighting set ups and finally produced this image.

I used the Canon 60mm Macro at f2.8, with a flashgun with a shoot-through-umbrella to the right of the camera. 

The thing I'm most pleased with in this image is the bokeh (the out of focus circular shapes) and the extremely shallow depth of field in addition to the sharpness and the lack of shadow on the black material.

I'll be uploading some more of my work from the previous weeks so stay tuned for more!!

1 comment:

  1. Sucha beautiful image, It's very strong product photography. I love the detail of the diamonds, the lighting really compliments the neckace! This is truly beautiful, I can't wait to see more pieces! I could see this in Goldsmiths marketing books. Keep up the awesome work!