Saturday, 12 July 2014

What an adventure...

What an adventure we've had this evening, little did we know when heading to the beach to watch the fireworks what was in store for us. As soon as the fireworks started we saw the tiniest dog run in the opposite direction, thinking "oh its just going to its owners," but after the fireworks finished we heard the owners looking for the dog, so we went to help, as we crossed the road, we saw the dog and called out for it, to our horror the dog started to cross the road and a car came hurtling down the hill and there was a thud, we all looked away but miraculously the dog got up and started running!
For an hour we were calling out for it and nothing, we were all ready to give up, but we mustered up the energy for one more quick look, we started walk down the river, and we heard a rustling, then all of a sudden the dog, came out of the darkness!
What an amazing feeling to see the dog and its owner reunited!! Miracle!!

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