Friday, 8 August 2014

My First Attempt at Product Photography

During my third year of university I was approached by my friend, Jai Mistry, a graphic design student who was working his final year project and was putting together a portfolio of work. He was working on the branding for two different products and wanted some pictures taken for his online portfolio.

Initially when he came to me we were thinking of photographing the objects in a classroom with lots of lights and a shallow depth of field, however this would have distracted the audiences attention away from the objects.

A few days went by and I saw that we had a table in the photography studio for shooting objects, I proposed this to Jai and we both agreed it was a better option.

Here are the final pictures I submitted to Jai.

I used a range of apertures varying from f9-16, 
as I wanted to retain as much detail as I could in the objects.

This shot of the cups is probably my favourite from the whole shoot, 
I love the strong shapes we displayed the cups in and also the way the gently fall out of focus.

I wish I could shoot this one again, I would give myself a little bit more room at the top of the frame and also I would adjust my shadows, having them fall to the left of the cups.

The second series of products are a set of greeting cards.

I really enjoyed this experience, I was able to experiment with new lighting set ups, I learnt a lot about working with a client and meeting their needs; I would love to photograph more products as it is different from photographing people or landscapes, it's enjoyable just to set up the products the way you want and work around them.

If you would like to see more of my work, head on over to my blog at

You can also check out my Youtube Channel where I'm currently producing a series of informative videos about photography for beginners!

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  1. I truely admire your Product Photography skills! The composition and the lighting is captured very well here! I especially like the 'birdseye' view image of the bags and the coffee cups!

    I think this is a very awesome shoot that worked very well. :D

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