Monday, 10 November 2014

So you're thinking of buying a camera??

So you're thinking of buying a camera but not sure which one?
I bet you've been torn by peoples differing opinions, "get a DSLR, they're great," or "just use your phone"

Well in this blog post I'm going to attempt to help you decide which camera you should buy or at the very least just clear up any confusion that you may have.

The first thing to consider is, What is the camera going to be used for?

Now obviously it's going to be used for taking pictures, but what are you going to be taking pictures of?

Is it going to be mainly used for taking pictures of the family or something small for your holidays?
Or is it going to be something you buy for your son/daughter to capture all their memories as they start university?

The second thing to consider is the price,

 you don't have to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds on a camera system if you're just going to use it

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