Monday, 16 February 2015

Review of the Westcott 60” White Satin Umbrella with Removable Black Cover

First Impressions

The thing that most stands out is the size of the umbrella, I know it says 60” or 5ft but until you see it in person extended you don’t really think it’s gonna be that big.

The second thing is the weight, it’s quite a heavy umbrella

I’ll be using this as more of a reflective umbrella for shooting group portraits which I’ll be testing out at the weekend so will post some pictures to the blog.


The Black cover is attached at the end spikes of the umbrella spokes which on first glance looks quite fragile but hopefully it won’t break

The PVC Case is quite flimsy – but it’s a nice touch if they could come up with something stronger it would be better

After having used the umbrella a few times now I have to say the light reflected out of the umbrella is really soft and really aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
I love the catch lights in the eye.

The thing that worries me about this umbrella is the weight and how easy it can fall down – advice: always attach some weight to it especially when outdoors. 

Here are a couple of pictures comparing a bare flash with the light from the flash reflected from the umbrella.

More pictures to come using the umbrella, 

Question for you guys: Are there any other items you would like me to review??
I would love to have some feedback!

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