Monday, 17 August 2015

My Trip to Durdle Door!

I've been wanting to travel down to Durdle Door for a few years now, I had no idea how close it was to home! But when I saw people going to visit, I knew it couldn't be far. So I thought I'd go take a look and see what I could capture.

My first "visit" to Durdle Door didn't go so well, you can read about my experience here.

My Second visit was a great success, you can watch a small video from my experience below.

It is such a beautiful location, there are so many locations and perspectives to create some beautiful images but it's all about timing. I think to create the images I have in my mind I would need to come back at Sunrise, Sunset and during stormy weather, I would also bring my telephoto lens and invest in some Neutral Density filters to elongate my shutter speed and slow it right down.

I am happy with the pictures I've captured but I definitely feel they could be improved if the beach was empty, I feel the lack of people in a landscape brings more beauty to a picture.

Here is one of my favourite images from my trip, I love the composition, and it's a good start towards the finishing point, now I know what I have to do next time!

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