Monday, 10 August 2015

Gavin and Adriana's Beautiful Wedding Day

Back in the middle of June, a few days before their wedding, I met with Gavin and Adriana for the first time at their house, it was a lovely first meeting and I had the pleasure of meeting Adriana's parents too.

You can read my previous blogpost from our meeting Here.

On the morning of the 20th of June, I woke up early and looked out of the window, to my surprise and joy it was slightly overcast! This meant it would be really good weather for shooting outside!

As I arrived at the hotel to photograph Adriana getting ready, I felt relaxed and confident. As I entered the suite, I was greeted by Adriana, her bridesmaid, her mum and her make up artist. Adriana had just finished getting her make up done so I quickly set up and started snapping away.

Luckily we were able to venture out onto the balcony and capture some beautiful pictures with the green surroundings in the background. 

Adriana's mother joined us on the Balcony for some pictures too!

Once we got some of the initial pictures out of the way and Adriana had seen them she was ready to pop the cork on her champagne bottle, I think this was a family tradition, enjoying champagne and strawberries.

After sipping some champagne I stole Adriana away for a few pictures on her own.

The First Look

The First Kiss

Exiting The Hall

A Little Confetti for the Festivities!

Stealing a private moment together!

The Father and The Bride

The Bride's Parents

The Turners

A Family Portrait with the Venezuelan Flag
Gavin's Speech

A beautiful moment between Gavin and his sister,
I love capturing raw emotional moments such as these, they really speak to me!

The Bestman wishing The Groom all the best!

The Father of the Bride's speech!

Another beautiful moment.

And to end this blogpost, a wonderful moment from
 The Bride and Groom's First Dance!

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