Friday, 25 September 2015

The Photobooth at Alykhan and Sultana's Engagement Party

This year I've been experimenting with my photography business, branching out into new areas and incorporating new experiences into the services I provide at Jamil Teja Photography.

One of these experiences is a Photobooth.

The first photobooth I set up was earlier this year at Luke and Hannah's Wedding, they provided the props and we took pictures using our lights. The second photobooth I worked on was under Osborne Photography, I was the second photographer John and Laura's Wedding and working under Karl was a really good experience and I learnt a lot from that wedding, I saw how he set up his photobooth, what props he uses and I was able to draw influence from that experience and bring some aspects into my own photobooth.
At Alykhan and Sultana's Engagement party I set up my third photobooth. Before the event, I went out in search for props that I thought the couple would enjoy.

The Happy Family
The Beautiful Couple

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