Friday, 2 October 2015

Luke and Hannah's Wedding Day - 21st April 2015

I met Luke during my time at college around 7 years ago, we were both studying photography but were in different classes, so I'd see him walking around every so often. Then in our second year, our classes were mixed and we became good friends. I met Hannah at Luke's 18th Birthday before setting off for university.
It was great to see their relationship flourish, I would occasionally see pictures and status updates on facebook; then one day just after graduation I saw something that made me really happy. 

"Luke B became engaged to Hannah B"

A few weeks later I photographed Luke and Hannah and we produed some beautiful engagement pictures of them. You can see the pictures here.

Anyway, flash forward 2 years to April the 21st; the day we had all been waiting for!

The Groom and Best Man - 'Bad Boys for life'

Their First Dance

They Handmade Their Rings! Adorable!

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