Monday, 6 July 2015

Anoushka Lakhani - Graduation

Yesterday we had a wonderful surprise visit from my cousins and aunt and uncle, they came up to visit my grandparents who have been a bit under the weather in the past few months so whenever we have a visit from family it always leaves them with a big smile on their faces!

My cousin, Anoushka, recently graduated (with a First Class Honours) and I really wanted to capture some pictures of her graduating but the ceremony was all the way up in Bath, luckily when she came yesterday she brought her graduation gown and dress with her, so obviously I got my camera ready and we went out to shoot some pictures.

We also captured some beautiful family pictures to celebrate both my parents and aunt and uncle's wedding anniversary! We are all very proud of her and wish her all the best in what ever she chooses to do next!  

Here is a sneak peak of what we captured yesterday! 

More pictures coming soon!

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