Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What Inspires Me?

What Inspires me?

I was recently posed the question, what inspires me?

I guess the short answer is Emotion. Emotion is the driving force behind my work; I love capturing emotion and evoking emotion through my images.

When I started photography I didn't know what was what, I thought, oh you just point and click and that's the £1000 picture! It wasn't until I looked at my images and saw they were not even £1 images!

Then I started reading photography magazines, looking at the different images and the behind the scenes to see how the photographers made the images, this then inspired me to go out and try these different techniques; then I would come home look over my images and see what changes needed to be made and go out the next day and try to perfect them.

I started off with long exposures, capturing car lights and moved on to trickier techniques such as panning with a subject and moving onto off camera flash. Incorporating new techniques into my work kept my work visually interesting.

However, photography is more than just producing visually interesting images; Photography is a conversation, between you, your subject and your audience. Your intention is to evoke an emotion, irrelevant of the subject matter, you are conversing with the audience and evoking an emotion inside them.

and that is what inspires me.

what inspires you?

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