Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Portrait Session with Tammy

Portrait of Tammy

Tammy has been a friend of my sisters' for many years now, a few years ago she started to move into part time modelling so I decided to ask her if she wanted a portrait session, she said yes! 

We were both home from university over the Summer, if I remember correctly it was the Summer of 2012 and I had been inspired to test out some new poses and some off camera flash set ups.

We went out on a beautiful Summers day, the weather was perfect, we took a stroll through Bournemouth Gardens and found a few interesting spots. some brides and benches and some long reeds.

I used a 1 light set up for these images as it was a really sunny day and I just needed to throw a bit of light into her face.

I am really pleased with the images we captured on the day, Tammy was such a pleasure to work with, she was very friendly and took direction well which made my job so much easier!

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