Saturday, 21 June 2014

Free Range: 1 Year On

A Year Since Free Range

I can't believe it's been A YEAR since I displayed my work at the Free Range exhibition in London, ONE WHOLE YEAR!! Where has the time gone? It feels like it was just last week I was in the basement in Portland Building deciding what size to print my final images. (I decided to go for A1 Prints.)

The 12 of us with Neil and Nick on the Opening Night of Free Range 2013.

I bet some of you are wondering, what is Free Range? 
Basically Free Range is an annual Exhibition held in London where Third Year University Students studying The Arts, they exhibit their third year work to the general public in the hope their work will catch the eye of prospective clients/companies interested in hiring them. 

I remember we had to raise around £6000 to rent the space, (the smallest space, the bigger spaces were more expensive,) and an additional £2000 for producing our advertising material. 

In Hindsight I would say if I were asked to do it again, I would not due to the energy that goes into fundraising the £6000 - (We held many bake sales, an auction, a couple of movie nights and a 10K Run, to raise they money,) although these were all fun to partake in they distracted me from my work. Instead, I would have focused on my work and taken that £500 I had to raise and invest it in a new lens or camera.

Me with My Work

However I am grateful for having experienced the trials and struggles that we faced when Fundraising and also the satisfaction of seeing my work being exhibited in a big exhibition. 

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