Saturday, 14 June 2014

Portrait Session with Balquis

Portrait Session with Balquis

In my final year of university I started offering portrait sessions for my friends as a way of building up my portfolio; my girlfriend's friend had said she was interested in getting some pictures of her done professionally and when she heard I was offering portrait sessions she jumped at the opportunity. 

When we were putting the shoot together we decided to go for two juxtaposed looks, as you can see from the pictures Balquis in Muslim and she was at a stage in her life where she wanted to strengthen her Faith by wearing the headscarf; she also wanted to a few pictures which showed off her good fashion sense. 

It was Christmas time so I was wearing my Christmas Jumper!
BTS PIcture by Sonia Patel

Lighting: I gave Balquis the choice of shooting outside or in the studio, of course she said studio so I set up the studio with a 4 light set up. 2 softboxes from the front and 2 flash heads with grids attached to them in order to give a nice highlight and separation against the background.

Overall I'm very happy with how these pictures came out, and Balquis was extremely happy with them!

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