Saturday, 20 September 2014

Portrait of Scruffy

I've been wanting to try to take some portraits of my dogs, We've had them for over 10 years now and I haven't taken pictures of them properly, so I decided by the end of the year I'm going to produce a series of images capturing their lifestyle, their habits, in an attempt to depict their personality through the images.

This is the first picture from that body of work, it was a real struggle getting him to look into my lens, I had a box of treats at hand in an attempt to draw his interest back to the camera. However I found the pictures of him looking off into the distance work far better than the ones of him looking into the lens.

I shot the picture in colour and really liked it that way, then I looked at the tones and the lighting and thought it would look pretty good in black and white.

I'm not a big fan of turning colour photos black and white, simply because we see in colour and a lot of my work depicts the mood and the atmosphere my subject, however the lighting on Scruffy interested me and made me curious as to how it would look in black and white.

I'd be interested to know what you think, Do you like the lighting?

Does it work in black and white?

To see the colour version head over to My 500px Portfolio

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