Monday, 1 September 2014

The Bournemouth Air Show 2014

I've lived in Bournemouth for almost 20 years now and every time I see the red arrows (it must be twice a year atleast) I still get that tingly feeling, it must be such an amazing experience being a pilot for the red arrows, the sights they must see but you never think about all the training that goes into it, all the hard work that draws the crowds back, year after year to see these magnificent planes perform death defying stunts is something very special to all of us in Bournemouth.

Apart from seeing the Red Arrows, I'd never really paid much attention to the Bournemouth Air Show, however this year is different, I guess over the last few years I've always wanted to go and take pictures of the Red Arrows but something has always come up, well this year I finally did it!

Here are some of the pictures I captured of the weekend!

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