Thursday, 8 May 2014

My First Ever Engagement Session with Luke and Hannah (Part 1)

I met Luke at college, he studied photography and media too but was more focused on the Web Design aspect. The first time I met Hannah was at Luke's 18th birthday party, you could even back then that there was something special about their relationship, just by the way they looked at each other.

Last year Luke and Hannah took their first steps to becoming man and wife, 
Luke proposed, Hannah said Yes and a few weeks later we made some pictures to celebrate the special occasion!
I did A LOT of preparation for this shoot as it was the first engagement shoot I'd ever photographed, so I hit pinterest pinning anything I thought would be relevant or visually interesting to try. 
I was eager to try as many different looks and shots as I could and researched into a variety of locations.

When the day came around I was feeling ready, my batteries were charged, memory cards formatted and I even had a few surprises for the happy couple!
However, things did not go exactly to plan... the first location we went to was a disaster! I thought because we live near the beach that we should include the beach, I can't believe how wrong I was.
Ordinarily the section of beach we went to was quiet and calm but on this day it was crowded!
I then discovered an even bigger shock,
the bride to be didnt enjoy having her picture taken and on top of that, they did not enjoy the beach!

I suggested we move on to the second location I chose for the shoot, this was a much better location, secluded wooded area and this turned out to be perfect!

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