Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Nishat and Junaid's and Enul and Asad's Joint Wedding (Part 1)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was asked to photograph my friend Rahim's wedding 2 years ago,  he loved the pictures so much he asked me to photograph his sisters -in-law joint wedding!

I was very excited as I boarded the train, travelling to Datchett the day before so I could get an early start for the wedding. I was running over shot lists in my head, anticipating what the Hall would look like, how the lighting would be and most importantly how the day would go!

On the morning of the wedding I arrived early to start photographing the hall and the little details, from then on it was game time! First the guests arrived, then then grooms, one on a white horse, the other in a white car, everyone was in the celebration mood and anticipated both the brides arrivals. When they showed up everyone was so happy, you could see everyone was so glad to be a part of the festivities!

The day was an emotional ride for all, with the climax at the cake cutting, then it was time for the brides to leave with their new families. All I can say is there was not a dry eye in the place, everyone had a little cry with the brides as they wished them all the best in the new life they were beginning.

This is a a sneak peak at the last picture taken from the day of the Bride and Groom leaving the venue with the children pushing and running after the car!

Stay tuned for more pictures soon!!

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