Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thomas' 19th Birthday!!

I've known Tom over 10 years now, our friendship began when we met at Stagecoach, a Saturday school for dancing, singing and drama. I was quite a shy person and hated performing on my own but Tom loved it and went on to focus on Drama at University.

The Summer before he went to university he celebrated his 18th Birthday on the beach, this was also seen as a send off party wishing him well for his future studies. It was then that I was asked to take pictures at his party, the party was a success, we all celebrated together and he loved the pictures. Since then I've become Tom's official even photographer.

Here is a selection of the images from his 19th Birthday.

Serena, Hollie and Francesca and the birthday boy!
Sam, Craig, and Andy
Tanya, Serena, Francesca and Hollie

Birthday Cake!

Tom had just come back home from his first year at university and wanted to celebrate his Birthday with the new friends he had made as well the old friends. The evening celebrations well filled with great conversations, beautiful home cooked  food (Tom's mum's lasagne is amazing) and dancing! 
Oh and of course, BIRTHDAY CAKE!!

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