Thursday, 26 March 2015

Day 10: Hasta La Vista, Mombasa!

This will be my last blog post from Mombasa, well from this trip anyway. i have had a wonderful time here as you must know from reading my blog posts!

This morning started off a little differently, I don't know what happened, I just had to have those extra 10 minutes of sleep, but then remembering it was my last day here I quickly snapped out of the beautiful dream I was in, grabbed my camera and rushed down to the beach but the gate was locked! Where was Nicholas?

When the lights suddenly turned off, I knew he couldn't be far. He strolled over and we quickly took to the beach looking for the right composition. The clouds were morphing into interesting shapes as they moved along the horizon, I finally found the right compositions so I set up and waited. And waited. And waited.

6:30 came and went and there wasn't any sign of the Sun, then after a few minutes, it suddenly broke free from the clouds and stood up tall in the sky and said, 'Here I am!' It shone so bright it illuminated the clouds beautifully.

I varied my composition, experimenting with different shutter speeds and apertures too. I wanted to try a shot we did similar to our Barcelona shot of us writing in the sand, but I think I will keep that little picture a secret for the moment.

After that we headed back and my Dad was sitting on the beach so we all went in and I gave Nicholus a few T-shirts for his family. I've officially finished packing; I just have to somehow fit my tripod and shoes in! That's going to be tricky as I don't have space, but when I change into my coming home clothes there will be more space in my bag for them.

We all went for a walk around 9, my uncle and parents decided to get a massage near the hotel we visited last night. On the way to the massage parlour, I stepped on something and cut my foot open, I looked down and whatever it was, was stuck in my foot! I pulled it out and it was like that scene from that film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where the guy pulls some coral out of his leg and then all this blood pours out! It was bleeding so much I left a trail of blood in the sand as I limped, all the way to the parlour!

The massage parlour was behind some apartment flats, the area around the flats was beautiful, there was so much rich plant life and animal life too, we saw many different birds crossing our path and different lizards too!

But the parlour wasn't there, so we turned back and went around the other way, along the way a dog came up to us and then ran off, he was really cute. There were also hens with their chicks, a rooster clucking away, another dog, it could have been the same one for all we know! And lots and lots of lizards!

We finally got to the parlour and I took a seat, my parents and uncle went in for their massage. It was a really nice building, with a roof on the entrance and then open at the back. A cat had adopted this place and made it his home; how do I know it was a he you ask? Well because below his tail, were two very blue balls! He was making the cutest little meowing sound; a few German people were also getting a massage and had brought some food for him.

As everyone was finishing, an American guy was at the front talking to the ladies about getting his laundry washed for the next day. I started thinking, ‘I love your accent.’ Then I remembered that joke from the beginning of Dumb and Dumber, where Jim Carrey is talking to a foreign student and he’s like, ‘I love your accent, let me guess, New Jersey?’ and the lady replies, ‘Austria!’ I found it hard not to burst out laughing.

On the way back to the beach we took a different path; a flash of blue to my right caught my eye. When I turned I saw the most beautiful bright blue lizard with an orange head, it was nodding (I’m not sure what it means when they nod, but it looked so cool!) I was so annoyed I didn't have my camera with me!

You must be reading this thinking, ‘you missed a lot of moments you wished you’d captured, why didn’t you bring your camera with you wherever you go?’
And yes, truthfully there are moments I’ve missed from the holiday, but I have to think about my safety first, it isn’t safe to show off your gear.

Anyway, we hit the beach and found the tide to be all the way out. We walked up away from the shore, stepping on a few more bits of coral here and there, we also saw little sea crab and tiny fish! It was so hot and needed to cool off but the tide was out so we found a little paddling pool and lay down. It was so shallow, the top of my t-shirt didn't even get wet!

I ran back to the cottages, counting how long it would take me to get dry, I calculated it at about 3-4 minutes, which is really cool, (well hot!) because a tumble dryer takes about an hour to make your clothes dry.
I enjoyed my last madaf of the holiday, and then ran inside to get my camera ready for a family portrait.

The Sun was shining down on us making it a little hard to see, I wanted to get a picture later on but feared we would run out of time later so I took it. I wanted to take the picture with all of us on the beach, with the ocean in the background, it's not the perfect picture in the world but it depicts our holiday! We took another one underneath some shade, I set them up and then asked Nicholus to press the shutter for me, he got a little snap happy but I'm sure there will be a good one in the selection!

After the picture taking, we needed to shower, my uncle went in first while my Dad and I physically jumped in the pool! I don't know why I'd never done this before! I jumped in at least 9 times after that, I had so much fun, then I thought, my girlfriend isn't going to believe that I, Jamil Teja, actually jumped into a swimming pool that wasn't heated. I set up my camera and got Nicholas to press the shutter again, they came out better than I thought they would!

After everyone was showered, ready and packed we said our goodbyes, packed the car and set off on another journey. We had to stop to pick up the cake for my auntie, it's her birthday at the end of March and since we are not here then, we are celebrating it while we are here.

We are sitting in the living room of the flat, watching some DVDs and waiting for my uncle and My Dad to hurry back with the food. Our flight from Mombasa Airport leaves at ten past seven and we need to check in at least 2 hours before it departs but they still not back from picking up food! I am starving and need to eat before we fly, as we won't get much to eat on the airplane!

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