Thursday, 19 March 2015

Day 7: No flies were hurt in the making of this blog post

This morning began with the same routine of waking up just before the Sun was due to rise and waiting for Nicholus to open the gates to the beach. As we proceeded towards the beach, we were greeted by the sight of humungous clouds which were perched on the horizon. The water level was low but there was just enough water to create some interesting reflections of the clouds.

As I set up my camera and tripod I noticed that the clouds were moving quite fast; clearing a way for the Sun to rise. The scene looked beautiful; it was definitely one of the more interesting sunrises I’d experienced from the week so far.

After the Sun had risen into the sky, Nicholus and I sat down to talk. He started telling me about his life in Kenya. He told me about his wife and how long they’d known each other; It was such a romantic story. They were childhood friends, they knew each other from church; then when they got a little older, her family moved away. 10 years later, when Nicholus was in church one day, he heard someone singing in the church service and later discovered it was his future wife!
They should definitely make their story into a movie!

After breakfast, I went down to the beach for my windsurfing lesson. I arrived a little early for my lesson, Killian was looking after his children, he has a son called Frank, who is 7 and a daughter called Lulu, who is 5. They were both playing in the water and swimming away, I guess they take after their father!

It was a much better lesson than yesterday; I found it much easier to get some speed and started turning with ease. The wind was taking me down the length of beach. I was 5 meters from the shore when all of a sudden, someone swam into my path; I tried to turn the board away from them and shouted but it was too late,
I abandoned my board and leapt into the water, I looked up and thankfully the board hadn’t hit them!

Portrait of Nicholus
Demonstrating Rembrant Lighting
Using Natural Light, taken at Sunrise with the Sun to the left of the picture
50mm f1.8 at 1/800 at ISO 100 
After clambering back onto the board, I headed off away from the shore again.
I felt that I was getting the hang of it but towards the end of the lesson I was just feeling frustrated as I was falling off a lot, it's like driving, there's so much you need to be doing at the same time and it takes time getting used to it all!

Flower by the pool
50mm 1.8 at 1/1250 at ISO 100

When I’d finished, I went back to the cottages; my parents were just getting ready to eat lunch. That’s another thing I love about Mombasa, you can eat outside from 8am til about 6 in the afternoon because it is just so hot. Not like in England where you’re eating outside and it’s hot one second and then cold the next!
But at the same time, I hate that there are so many flies just flying around touching your food!

After lunch, we hopped in the pool to cool off. It was really hot but cool at the same time. After a few hours in the pool, my uncle came back and we all went for a short walk down the beach. There must have been something going on because there were so many people but we never found out what.

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