Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Day 6: Fall Down 7 times, get up 8

Oh my, what a beautiful sunrise there was this morning. I got out of the cottage as usual, just around 6 and to my regular spot where the palm trees create some interesting foreground stimulus to the Horizon in the background; and waited for Nicholus.

When we ventured onto the beach, I had mixed feelings of disappointment and hope. There was a humungous wall of clouds sitting just on top of the horizon. I was sure I wasn't going to get my sunrise picture today, but to my surprise a window opened up within the clouds and in line with where the sun was going to rise.

This got me excited so I sat down to set up and captured my first shot. I could see the sun rising behind the clouds and just peaking it's face through the window, it was almost like the Sun was peaking through the clouds to see if it was all clear, evidently it wasn't, as just before the sun was about to reveal itself through the window; the window started to shift slightly to the right, obscuring the Sun.

I felt like I was being punk'd or something! Yesterday I had the perfect sunrise and my battery died and today the composition was perfect but then changes at the last moment!
I turned to look at Nicholas who was looking off into the horizon and the Sunlight reflected in his eyes was creating a beautiful catchlight, so I asked him if I could take his picture. I had to direct him a little bit to get him to stand in the right place. I think the pictures turned out pretty good!

After reviewing the pictures, it made me think; if I can capture some pictures of the people I meet and get a few interesting facts about them, I can use the pictures to help raise awareness of these people living in Mombasa and the things they experience on a daily basis; so for the rest of my trip I will be working on this mini-project and I will see where it takes me!

After finishing taking pictures on the beach, I went in for breakfast. My parents had organised a boat trip for after breakfast. We went down to the beach and saw the boat, it was a really basic wooden boat, which I LOVE! I Love basic sail boats. You can keep your yachts, I'll take a wooden boat any day! I know they look really basic and old fashioned but i think that adds to their beauty and I find the way they utilise the wind to navigate is really clever.

We saw Captain Ali, the captain of the boat, we had met him last year when he took us for a boat ride to see the reef and the sea caves filled with crab just scuttling around. We helped My Mum into the boat and then My Dad. Captain Ali and I pushed the boat out into the deeper water. We jumped in and headed off towards the reef.

As we headed towards the reef we could see the whole coastline from one end to the other, it kind of sucked that we couldn't get too close to the reef as you have to pay for entry to the marine park and also the waves were really high! We could feel the boat going Uuup and Dowwwn, Uuup and Dowwwn. Just thinking about it is making me feel sea sick!

On the way back to shore, Captain Ali let me steer the boat, he sat up in front and started emptying the boat of any water that had found its way in. It was pretty hard steering because you have to make sure the boat is going in the right direction but you also have to make sure the sail is catching the wind! We made it safely to shore, I jumped out into the water, I'm so glad it was getting hot by that time because I had my second Windsurfing lesson next!

My second windsurfing lesson was good but not as great as the first lesson. My instructor, Killian, took off on a kite surfing board for most of it, while I was struggling to find my balance on the board. It was so windy and the water was pretty choppy which made it really hard to keep my balance on the board. He kept telling me to practice turning but it was really hard with the wind blowing the sail around. For most of my lesson I was in the water, I was a little put out about it, thinking I'd only take one more lesson I just hoped and prayed the weather would be better during my lesson tomorrow!

Then my uncle came and questioned why he was not teaching, so they negotiated a new deal where he'd give me another hour, and then I'll have another lesson tomorrow, Sunday and Monday! Which is better because I can get some more practice before I return. The second half of my lesson was slightly better, I understand how to turn, it's just putting it into practice that is the issue right now.

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