Sunday, 8 March 2015

Day 3: Celebraaate!!


Yes!! I Did It!! I captured my first Sunrise pictures from this holiday.

Waiting for Nicholus to open the gate!
I woke up at 5:45, waited until about 5:50 to get out of bed and went to look for a good place to set up my camera and tripod, the security guard whose name is Nicholus, accompanied me to the beach and waited with me while I took my pictures. I have to say it felt good to be up so early and to be doing something productive. 

Nicholus told me about his family and his life in Mombasa, he aspires to return to school to become a doctor, but because school and university is so expensive over there he has to save up some money before he progresses. 

After returning to the cottages, we noticed the monkeys had come for their morning visit, they usually travel along the beach front in search for food. I quickly ran over, found a good safe place and started taking pictures. They were outside of our cottages rifling through our bins.

They found the papaya we had for breakfast yesterday and were cleaning the last bits of fruit from the skin. It was so funny to see them all picking through the bins, one of them found an old earbud and didn't know what to do with it!

A Beautiful Sunrise!

I spent some time just watching the monkeys and watching them climb up on the swings and slide. My parents came out with some bread for the monkeys and there was a feeding frenzy! More of them came from the roof and other trees! One was cheeky enough to try and venture inside the cottage when none of us were looking, but was chased out a second later!  After feeding the monkeys we decided to have our breakfast, left over papaya still as delicious as yesterday then we have to have our malaria tablets,

Beautiful Shapes and Reflections
Later on that day we headed down to the beach and took a short walk, revisiting the path we followed last time, we made it out as far as we could but the tide was starting to come in quite fast so we rushed back to the shore, it was quite surreal seeing the water engulf the ground around us as it wondered towards the shore.

The Monkey found an earbud!
While we waited for the tide to fully come in we enjoyed some madaf (fresh coconut) I think it is one of the best things about visiting Mombasa, I wish they sold it in England, yeah sure you can get the coconut water in a cartoon but it tastes horrible! It's nothing compared to the real thing!
The Monkeys eating Papaya
When the tide had come in properly we were able to swim in the ocean again; it was just the right temperature to cool off but not too cold. As the sun was setting it started to get windy and cooler so we headed in for dinner. 

Waiting for the right moment to sneak in!
I am writing this after finishing our dinner, we are sitting underneath the palm trees on deck chairs, lying down and watching the stars illuminate the night sky; it is such a beautiful sight!

I found this guy waiting for his breakfast, I think he was a little shy!

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