Friday, 20 March 2015

Day 8: Wherever you go, always always always bring your sandals!

The clouds were sitting upon the horizon this morning; light was pouring in onto the sea, creating two puddles of light, it was a beautiful sight, combined with the shape of the clouds. I patiently waited for 6:30 - that's when the Sun was supposed to rise; 6:30 past, 6:38, 6:42, but where was the Sun??

The clouds looked as if they were getting ready to part and frame the Sun but instead, they kept rising and rising, hiding the Sun behind them! Then just as the Sun poked it's head over the cloud cover, I get a message in my camera.


I was so annoyed! When I checked this morning before I went out I had 2 bars of battery power left… It's okay, I'll just get up and do it all again tomorrow! Hopefully there will be another beautiful sunrise to capture!

After watching the sun rise above the clouds, I went back to the cottages, I think all of these early mornings finally caught up with me because I fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until right before my Windsurfing lesson. I rushed down to the beach, waved to my mum and aunt who were paddling in the sea and headed off to my lesson.

Upon arriving, Killian was busy, so I started to practice what I'd learned over the past few days; there wasn't a great deal of wind so it was quite easy for the most parts but I'd forgotten to ask for the shoes which grip the board so it was a quite slippery and I fell off a few times. After attempting a few turns I was feeling put out because I was struggling turning in the right direction and was getting swept down the beach by the wind.

When Killian arrived he brought the shoes, and he showed me a few tricks on turning, like placing the sail low near the water to help turn, then after a few more practices, I was successfully turning, moving away from the shore, turning down wind and then again! I felt really pleased with myself, and we ended the lesson on a high!

I was so exhausted from the windsurfing I had to have a madaf, (the coonut straight from the tree with the coconut water in) to replenish my energy! When the food came I devoured the whole plate of samosas and then a quarter of papaya! After my hunger was finally satisfied, we went for a short walk and had some ice cream (in a cone of course) for desert.

Over the past few days I’ve been really inspired to try more natural light portraits and I wanted to take some pictures of my parents just before Sunset I took them for a quick photoshoot. Afterwards, my Dad challenged me to climb the palm tree and see if I could remember how to do it. My friend, Mohammed had taught me how to do it last year and I was eager to try it out again!

It was quite hard to begin with, (it kills your feet!) But after a few attempts I managed to climb an impressive 6-foot! My Dad took some pictures of me but  I had my 50mm lens on my camera so it doesn't look very impressive in the pictures but I will try to take some more tomorrow!

My Dad wanted to walk to the front and take some pictures, I’d forgotten that the ground by the front was covered in weeds and prickly things, so I kept walking barefoot and learned the hard way!

We met another security guard his name is Danson; he guards the front entrance. He showed us the well where the water from the cottages comes from and the water pumps and the borehole, where the seawater comes in for use only in an emergency.

For all of you who are thinking of visiting Kenya, you have to a local dish called Ugali, it’s like rice but more like bread, if you get the chance to have it with an Indian Dal it will be a date to remember for your taste buds!

After eating, I saw Nixon was sat on the swings, I sat down next to him and we spoke for a little bit, he told me he was working on the promotion of their band, they had performed today and secured an event for next Friday which I was pleased to hear.

I am charging my batteries as I write this to make sure they are ready for tomorrow!

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