Monday, 2 March 2015



Greetings from Mombasa, Kenya, I'm currently sitting poolside surrounded by my family, enjoying a nice cool breeze on one of the hottest days so far! 

It has been such a wonderful experience so far, this is my 4th visit to the beautiful Island of Mombasa, every time I visit, I fall in love with the places I visit, the food that I taste but more importantly, the people that I meet and what they teach me. 
I feel so inspired by all of these new experiences and I hope to bring these new experiences to my work while I am out here. 

Just sharing a little secret about me for those who don't know, 
I love mornings! (Silent Pause) Naaaaaat! - (a little joke from Borat)

I really struggle being productive in the morning, I'm more of an afternoon/ evening person, but this trip has changed me, I've been getting up just before sunrise, which in Mombasa is approximately 6:30. 
I feel so blessed to have the beach right outside, I am literally 30 steps from the beach right now! So each morning I am challenging myself to get to the beach before Sunrise, set up my camera and tripod and wait for the Sun to rise. For the past couple of days, it was too cloudy to see the Sun come up over the horizon, I'm still waiting to capture my perfect sunrise photograph!

Anyway, to see more about the challenge I've set myself, see my previous blog post and watch the video, and if you like the video go ahead and like, comment and subscribe to the channel!

I'll be flying back home in one week, not that I'm looking forward to returning, well apart from the thrill of getting these pictures home to see what gems I have captured and the chance of sharing them with you! 

It's been a longer blogpost than I planned on and I was suffering from writers block before I started but hey! When the moment takes and inspires you, Write!

And on a minor note: Sorry for not posting sooner, we've had an Internet blackout at the place we're staying at, which in itself has been a challenge in itself not to check facebook every 2 minutes, it has been really refreshing to be unglued from my iPad to actually explore the wonders around me!

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