Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Day 5: New Opportunities/The Fly and the Mosquito

Ahhhhhh!!! I'm so annoyed! I knew this would happen!

I woke up early, the earliest I've been up and out of bed, and peered outside. I felt that there was something special about this sunrise, the sky was still in that dawn period where the colour is slowly returning to the early morning sky. When I say early, I mean EARLY!

I went outside to the gates and saw they were locked, so I set up my tripod near some of the palm trees near the gates to the beach. I waited for Nicholas to come and open the gate so I could venture out onto the beach. As a photographer its definitely important to arrive to your location early to scope out the best locations and to get a good exposure reading. 

Anyway, I took a few test shots, checking my exposure; then I heard some footsteps in the sand and turned around to see Nicholus. I refined my exposure and took one more picture, then all of a sudden my battery died! I sprinted inside to pick up my back up battery: it's quite weak, only retaining enough power for 5-10 pictures so I already knew I was in trouble!

Inserting the battery into my camera I saw it said full power, but I knew it wouldn't last long. I sprinted back to Nicholas who by this time had opened the gates and switched off the lights on the gate. Luckily the sun had not risen yet, so I looked for a good spot, I want to try something new, with a coconut in the foreground and the sunrise in the background, I frantically looked for a good clean looking coconut and set it in place and then set up my camera.

It was looking pretty good, now it was just a waiting game. I took a couple of test shots, then a second later, a message flashed up on my screen, "change battery now!"

I could not believe it! I tell you, this was my perfect sunrise, the clouds were positioned so beautifully around the Sun and the tide was in, this combination on subjects created beautiful reflections in the water. What else could I do but watch, watch and pray turning off my battery for a few seconds would help it regain some power so I could take a few more pictures.

It worked! I shot a few more frames but by then it was too late, the Sun had revealed itself and was looking beautiful, creating even more beautiful reflections, and creating a golden pathway on the water. I turned off my camera and prayed again. YES! It worked again, "just give me one more shot," I whispered.

And that was it, my battery was dead. I could only voice my regret and frustration to Nicholus, who was hopeful that tomorrow would bring better luck, if I remembered to change up my battery.

As I write this, there is a fly and mosquito tag teaming to see who can annoy me the most, right now the fly is winning, it keeps flying into my head! But anyway, I hope Nicholas is right, I hope tomorrow will bring a similar sunset as today, but I have my reservations. I pray that I am prepared for it, that my batteries are fully charged and that the clouds are arranged similar to as they were today.

I am beginning to think I will need to invest in a new camera system shortly, my Canon 400D is almost 8 years old now and with only one good battery it is not really keeping up with my needs anymore.
it is sad, it is the camera that helped me to become the photographer I am today.

As we walked back to the cottages we saw the monkeys decided to visit us in search of food. They started playing around, jumping from the swings to the slides and dashing around the swimming pool.

One of the monkeys was peering into the swimming pool from the side and another monkey crept up behind it and 2 seconds later... splash! The monkey quickly jumped out and ran off!

So I've been thinking about taking some windsurfing lessons recently, whenever we go down to Poole harbour (in England) there are always so many people windsurfing in the freezing cold water. I'm way too chicken to try it in the cold water, but I'm all for trying it in the hot water of the Indian ocean!

Yesterday, as my Dad and I were swimming in the sea, we were watching to see how the riders do it, it looks pretty simple. I decided to take a two hour lesson today. We started off on dry land, my instructor was a guy named Killian or Captain Nero. I spent a few minutes finding my balance, once I was good to go, I tried it in the water and only fell off twice! Yeah I know, I'm a pro!

When he saw that I was pretty good, we attached the sail; that's when it started to get tricky! The mast, boom and sail are quite heavy combined and they get even heavier when there is water on the sail, you have to start with the sail in the water each time and pull it up. Next you gotta keep both arms locked straight, and then it's all about looking ahead, balancing and catching the wind!

The thing I struggled with the most is turning, the way you turn you have to stand in the middle of the board with both feet facing the nose and switch position and at the same time bring the sail around to the other side! It was so much fun, I'm ready for my lesson tomorrow! 

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