Monday, 9 March 2015

Day 4: What a beautiful Sunrise

I woke up, checked my clock and saw it was 6:13. I frantically searched for my camera and tripod and ran outside. Nicholus wasn't there, it was his day off, another security guard, Nixon was there during the day. We ventured out on to the beach and waited for the Sun to rise over the horizon and the clouds. 

Before Sunrise
The Sunrise looked so beautiful today, the way the clouds were arranged around the horizon was beautiful, I can not wait to get them home and edited. My Plan is to print some of them out and put them on my wall at home, maybe if they are good enough the next time I am here I can bring some pictures for the people at the cottages to see!

I used my ND filter to elongate my exposure,
it brings a visually pleasing pink hue to the images I create with it
After heading back to the cottages, my parents and I went for a nice long walk, it was still a little bit cloudy so it wasn't that hot, when I mean not that hot it was still around 25 degrees C! We walked all the way to the far end of the beach. 
Every time we are in Kenya, we do this walk, and every time I forget to bring my camera, and this time was no different! But one day I will take my camera and tripod and I will get some images! 

There is a cove at the end of the beach, when you walk around the land you can see where the land at the bottom has been eroded, its really cool to see the different layers of land behind the eroded rocks. At the top of the cliff there are trees really tall trees and you can see where the land has been eroded and you can see the roots of the trees pointing down. There are so many and they are so sharp, I am sure they would make some great images! 

The View from the beach
On the way back we saw some guys windsurfing and taking their boats out, I've never really been interested in windsurfing but I really want to try it out, I'll have to look into getting some lessons. I'd only do it in a hot country because the water is nice and hot, I hate swimming or doing anything in cold water!

The View from the Beach
Later on that day, My Dad and I took a walk to the beach, we headed to a neighbouring beach, my Dad loves that part of the beach because it is so clean, there aren't any reeds in the water, making the water so clear! It looks like the water is those adverts, advertising the Caribbean or somewhere!

As we were walking an eel, it was just swimming in the shallow water, it literally strolled right past me! I was so annoyed I didn't have my camera with me! One day I will invest in an underwater housing for my camera and I will be able to take it out with me wherever I go! 

It's weird, I thought eels were deep sea creatures but this one was in really shallow water, It was so beautiful and graceful and quickly swam away.

In the evening, I went out to take some pictures around the cottages, a different security guard came along to keep me company, his name is Chilodi. I was taking a long exposure with my wired remote when it fell into the sand, I quickly pulled it up and tried to get the sand of it. I think some of the sand has got into it. It's stopped working! 

As I write this I only have a week left in Mombasa, I feel I have already done so much and feel like there is so much more to do!

The Palm Trees at night

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